Workout Skincare Routine

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Workout Skincare Routine featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

Workout Skincare Routine featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

Workout skincare was always a tricky routine to figure out for me.  I don’t like to put super-strong products on overheated skin and depending on what time of the day I worked out certain serums can be a bit overkill.  Recently, I figured out a simple, gentle but effective workout skincare routine that works perfectly no matter what time of the day I work out and it is totally customizable.

Workout Skincare Routine:

Step 1 cleanse – I love these new BLISS cleanser sticks for the gym.  They are easy to use in the shower or at a sink.  Plus, it feels like if anything is going to burst open in your bag it is a cleanser!  These solid formulas guarantee that doesn’t happen.  I like the gommage formula for the gym.  The scrub helps really get the sweat and dirt off the skin.  Bliss also makes an olive oil version for dry/normal skin and a charcoal version for oily skin.

Step 2 Toner – I like a spray-on toner for the gym.  That way I don’t have to worry about cotton or other items.

Step 3 – Hydrating serum.  This helps my skin look great all day.  Hyaluronic acid is great for every skin type to help bind water to the skin.

Step 4 – Face oil.  Super dry skin like mine needs a good face oil night and day but if you have oily skin skip this step during the day.

Step 5 – Day Cream This AVAYA day cream is a great all-in-one option.  It has serum, light moisture, and SPF!  It allows me to skip steps 3-5 on days I am running late!

Step 6 SPF. Obsessed with this one from Beauty by Joesen.  Amazing coverage.  No stinging.  No pilling.  No weird texture or scent.  THE BEST.

I always have Dove Spray on Antiperspirant, lip balm, and perfume in all my gym bags!

What is your favorite workout skincare product?