What an Average Day of Sheltering in Place Looks Like for Our Family

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Sheltering in place isn’t something I ever expected to experience in my life. I grew up on military bases so we prepped for all kinds of disasters but this isn’t a drill we practiced! I am trying my best to stay optimistic–that it won’t be my family that is hurt by COVID-19, that it won’t be my business that closes, that life will go back to normal in a few weeks. But, it isn’t easy.

The rain for the last two weeks has been an extra burden since we can’t go play outside. Instead, I have tried to use sensory bins, art projects, movies, blanket forts and books to keep us occupied. Other than not leaving the house our schedule has remained.

Breakfast with cartoons, a morning walk, followed by a snack, some sort of educational play before lunch and naptime. After naps, we go for another walk and come back to play in Olivia’s playroom. We hang in there until about 6 pm when we go downstairs so I can cook dinner while Olivia watches a movie. We end with our usual nighttime ritual.

I try to get work done on our new E-store (to support my esthetician practice), blog posts and Instagram while Olivia plays, naps and after she goes to bed. For the most part, working around Olivia’s schedule isn’t new for me but I am used to having a few days at the spa where I can get things done interrupted. Having to come up with new activities isn’t easy either. I realize now what a blessing it is to live in a town that has so many activities for toddlers!

While I am stressed and anxious about my small business I do enjoy some of the slower moments of sheltering in place. Catching up on shows, podcasts and books have been awesome. My garage and closets have never looked better! I am finishing that long list of to-dos that I have.

What about you? How are you sheltering in place?