Weekend Getaway AT Sanctuary Beach Resort in Marina, CA

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Sanctuary Beach Resort by Monterey travel blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Sanctuary Beach.

Over the weekend I need a little quiet time to get things done. I had a growing list of projects with fast-approaching due dates and I just needed uninterrupted space to finish them. After looking at all the local spots with availability I decided on the Sanctuary Beach Resort in Marina. I’d been there before and knew it was quiet and relaxing.

Having grown up in Marina it always surprises me that this quiet, sleep resort lives in the dunes that we once ran wild through while watching hang gliders jump from the scary cliffs. Sanctuary Beach Resort has a spa (currently closed but you can see a peek here), pool+hottub, restaurant (Salt Wood Kitchen), evening fire pits to watch the sunset, and weekend yoga+nature walks. Overall, if you are looking for a quick few days away it is perfect. Here is why.

dSanctuary Beach Resort

The rooms are spacious.

Both times I’ve stayed in a coastal suite once with a full view and this last time with a partial view. The rooms have small sitting areas –with a pullout bed, a wet bar, a breakfast bar, a bedroom, an outdoor seating area, and a large bathroom. This room had two showers for some reason but I bet that comes in handy with small kids.

A pet friendly hotel

Louis didn’t accompany me this time but last time we stayed he came with us. The room was easy and worry-free with a dog. The sitting area has stone tile and the outdoor area is fenced. It is a low fence so if your dog is a jumper keep him tethered but for my lazy boy the patio was awesome. As you can see I brought a pee pad for him to do business. The dunes are home to many endangered species so I try to go out of my way to respect that.

Outdoor Fire Pits

This was my favorite spot. I love a good sunset and the firepits are at the top of a dune perfect for enjoying the setting sun. Grab a snack from the restaurant or in my case a luxe cheese plate from Platterbites and a giant bag of Lays. I wish they had wine servers out there and the night would have been perfect! I really think they are missing out on revenue here by not having picnics to go or someone walking around with wine and a credit card machine!

Sanctuary Beach Resort by Monterey travel blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Sanctuary Beach.

Things To Do In Marina

Marina is rich in military and Asian American history. I wish there were more tours that catered to that but most of the old Fort Ord relics are being torn down to modernize. Marina really should do more to protect this bit of history.

Eating: Keoki’s Hawaiian BBQ, HoWah Chinese Restaurant,

Entertainment: Cinemark Movie Theater, Hand Car tour of the old dunes, Hang Glide watching at Marina State Beach, Fort Ord Dunes State Park– as a kid this was an Army shooting range. Today it is a fun hike where you can read and see our local WWII history.

Overall, my stay was great. I got all my projects done and even popped on Viki TV to catch up on all my Korean and Japanese dramas. My room had a TON of windows so I didn’t sleep great due to anxiety. That is totally on me. I never sleep well when I’m alone. The TVs could definitely be due with an upgrade. The TVS felt so small but I did just stay at Nobu in Palo Alto and the TV in there is bigger than our local movie theatre so I may be spoiled now. The rooms felt super clean and nothing in the room was broken so a big plus there.

Final Thoughts On The Sanctuary Beach Resort

I did order a burger and pork belly appetizer. I hated both. Not sure if they sat around for a bit or what but they were both dry and tasted fishy. So the restaurant doesn’t get high marks from me. The food was over $60 and I took a few bites before throwing all of it out. But, know they are known for seafood and oysters. I have several friends that drive from Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove just to binge on their oysters and wine list. I’m not much of a seafood eater and their non-fish-related menu was a very small choice of items.

If you are looking for a quiet getaway (with or without your dog) then The Sanctuary Beach Resort is a great spot.

Would you stay at Sanctuary Beach Resort? What resort have you been to recently? Let me know in a comment below!