Volkswagen Passat TDI SEL Premi… a review

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I love cars and German cars in particular.  It has been a long time since I drove a four door sedan style; I am a SUV or sports car kind of girl.  So when I pointed out this Volkswagen Passat TDI to my husband and said, “that one,” I think he almost passed out.  I know he always secretly prays when it is time for me to pick out a new ride that it is cheap and cheap to insure.  I never seem to find one that fits.

While I love driving and trying new cars I have no idea about engines or car specs.  So here is my review of the VW TDI Passat from a purely housewife, student, bad driving, girl who wishes she was a race car driver- point of view.

Me and the TDI at the beach.  She likes long drives on the coast.

 After a month of the trolley and car rentals with no heart, I was stoked to get back in a car that actually accelerated when I stepped on the gas.  It doesn’t take much for this car to get to 65mph (or more) and I liked that.  I was worried at first that it was a soccer mom car and wouldn’t handle well.  That was so not the case.  The Passat was a surprisingly FUN car to drive. The backup camera made it easy to park and the TDI power made it fun to drive.

This family of three came to admire my new ride.  So cute.  The little one next to the mom kept falling off the rock.

Way to many buttons!  But fun to discover what they all do.  I love blue tooth in the car and streaming my iphone, this passat had a plug in the glove box that made everything super easy.  A plus is that since the iphone is in the glove box you are not tempted to check it or text… an unexpected safety feature.  

Navigation, a map and a compass… impossible to get lost.  

This guy was impressed.

Super roomy and the interior was plush.  I love the suede inserts in the leather.  (Bag alert… neon pink Michel Kors Selma Large Messenger Bag)

Overall I liked the Passat TDI.  Not having to fill-up for 400+ miles was awesome.  The power and speed made the Passat a fun and sporty drive.  The trunk and backseat were perfect to haul my shopping or groceries and school stuff.  All of the buttons, nav, map, hands free, satellite, backup camera and touchscreen, while not original, covered every convenience and again made the experience fun.  Who doesn’t love gadgets!  I am not convince to trade in my big SUV or my sporty two door but if I ever decided to fully go the sedan route I would seriously consider this.  A big THANK YOU to the guys at CARDINALE Salinas Volkswagen for helping me with all the buttons and choosing the perfect PASSAT.  Check out their website or facebook.


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