Vital Body CBD Massage at Monterey Day Spa

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Vital Body by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: black and white image of a woman sitting on a massage bed and wearing only a white towel

I was so excited that massages and spas are opening back up! It felt so weird to be back on a massage table. I went over to Monterey Day Spa on Foam St in the New Monterey/Cannery Row neighborhood. They carry Vital Body CBD products–my favorite spa CBD line. I went for a CBD soak and 90 minute CBD massage.

My room was so perfect! It had the tub in the room so I didn’t have to go anywhere after and could just get on the table. My therapist was Ian, he gave me a brief run down of how everything works and a consult about my health then I was left to soak it out for 30 minutes. I loved it! The tub had a foot step so I didn’t sink under the water, the temp was perfect and the CBD kicked in pretty quick. My body just started to relax instantly. I didn’t think I would use the full 30 minutes but totally ended up going the full 30.

Vital Body by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman sitting in a jetted tub that's filled with bubbles.

Before hopping on the table, I rinsed off the bubbles and drained the tub so it wouldn’t be super humid during the massage. Monterey Day Spa was smart and put a humidifier in the room to help. I recommend turning it on from the beginning. Another super smart thing was the call button. When I was ready to get on the table I pushed the call button to let Ian know I was ready. It was brilliant.

The massage was amazing. I asked for light pressure with stretching and Ian totally delivered that. I hate my feet touched in a massage and he remembered that from our consultation. My hip was really bothering me and he worked that out, too. After the massage, I felt amazing. The Vital Body CBD massage cream really helps with any post-massage tenderness. I drove home on a cloud. It was perfect.

I felt a big difference over the next three days as my aches and pains started going away. One or two more visits and I think my hip will be back to normal again.

Vital Body by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: black and white image of a woman with a white towel wrapped around her body.

I think in general, “day spas” don’t get as much recognition as they deserve. They usually have WAY better-trained therapists. The treatments are more customizable to you versus a product line’s training. Plus, most hotel spa massages are so cookie-cutter and basic. The prices at a Day Spa are usually better, too. The only thing that doesn’t rank higher is water rituals– steam, sauna, cold plunge, etc. Space, budget, and permits usually prevent them. Monterey Day Spa had showers available and a spa tub. The tub was awesome and the showers (while I did use them) are great for a wet scrub experience.

Overall, I’ll be back to Monterey Day Spa and requesting Ian for another massage soon. It was a great massage and a super relaxing day.

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