Versed Skincare Review: The Perfect Trio of Products For Spring

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Versed Skincare Review by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Versed Beauty is one that just kinda sprung up on me. So far everything from their line is awesome. The Perfect Trio of Products For Spring glowing skin comes from Versed this year. This trio is perfect to smooth, soften and boost the appearance of your complexion. Start with a great cleanser and then get right into Doctor’s Visit.

A super effective resurfacing mask is full of AHAs, BHAs, and enzymes for instantly glowing skin. I find the mask gentle enough for 2 times a week but if you have sensitive skin stick to it once or every other week. This mask has a huge cult following on TikTok and Instagram and it is due to the amazing results.

Go ahead and finish the Versed skincare mask with your favorite serums and hydration but leave the eye treatment to Versed’s new Smooth Landing Retinol eye balm. I’m OBSESSED!!! This overnight treatment banishes fine lines, crepiness, and uneven textures. I use a little on both eyes and around my mouth to help with laugh lines.

The Versed Daily Mineral SPF is a great everyday formula if you work indoors. I’m not outside much with my job so this is perfect. No piling or burning and it actually smells great. Fast absorbing and no weird chalkiness helps make it a win for me. If you work outdoors try this SPF 50 instead.

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Shop Now your favorite Versed Skincare products With Code DORANPOMA10 for 10% off your order.