Unboxing The New Once Upon A Bookclub Bridgerton Box

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Once Upon a Bookclub by popular Monterey lifestyle blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of some grey lace gloves and three Bridgerton books stacked on top of each other.

Once Upon A Bookclub is a quarterly subscription box of curated gifts that all revolve around that season’s book. OUAB has an adult box and teen box each season with various limited edition boxes throughout the year.  Each box has a featured book and around 3-4 items that match the book. Each item is wrapped up like a gift and marked with a page number in the book. Open the gift as you get to that page and it all makes sense!

The cost is $51.99 per season.  With Limited Edition boxes like this Bridgerton Once Upon a Bookclub box comes in higher. This one was $179 and is like three (plus) boxes in one.

What’s Inside The Once Upon a Bookclub Bridgerton Limited Edition Box?

Once Upon a Bookclub by popular Monterey lifestyle blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of some grey lace gloves, a ring in a pink velvet ring box, purple feather quill, and copy of the The Duke and I by Julia Quinn.

For the first book, The Duke and I, gifts include:

Page 120– A bouquet of flowers. This was one of my favorite entries in the book that I felt the Netflix series glossed over. In the book, Simon brings a bouquet of flowers for Daphne’s Mom and it made her feel special and seen since no one thinks to do nice things like that for her after her husband passed. I loved this gift in the box. The flowers are pretty and I put them in Olivia’s playroom kitchen.

Page 244 — A Ring. A beautiful and pretty nice quality replica of the ring Simone gives Daphne in the book! This was really fun to see. It is kind of small but I have small hands and it fits my right hand perfectly.

Page 402 — A calligraphy set. In a nod to Lady Whistledown herself, the gift includes a feather pen, nibs, and ink well. The feather pen has a quote from one of lady Whistledown’s papers on it. This kit is STUNNING!!! Seriously, so pretty.

Once Upon a Bookclub by popular Monterey lifestyle blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a pair of grey lace gloves, tea bags, black metal key, and Brigerton series book.

For the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, gifts include:

Page 140 A metal key (paperweight) On this page Kate, is giving a big speech to Anthony when she drops her key. I thought this was a cute nod to the start of their relationship plus It will look so pretty on my desk!

Page 279 A teacup Anthony proposes and they sit down for a cup of tea to discuss their marriage. This was one of my favorite scenes from the book and I hope they keep true to it in season 2 on Netflix. This cup is SOO pretty. Again, I plan to keep it on my desk as my office teacup.

Page 342 A set of tea Tea takes on a big part of Anthony and Kate’s relationship so I thought this was a cute gift for the box.

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For the third book, An Offer From a Gentleman, gifts include:

Page 152 A journal with sketches of scenes from the book. WOW! This journal is pretty but the sketches are so cool. I plan on gifting the journal but keeping the sketches to frame. Benedict and Sophie meet at a masquerade ball years earlier but Benedict didn’t know her identity. He is an artist and the sketches are meant to be from his point of view like in the book.

Page 258 The Fourth Bridgeton Book! On this page, Sophie and Benedict are arguing and she tells him she is trying to read a book. How cute that the box curators surprise us with the fourth book! I was so excited.

Page 344 A scarf/wrap In this part of the book the couple once again are arguing and she is wearing this scarf. So cute

This is my first ever Once Upon a Bookclub box and I am hooked!!! Overall, everything totally made me smile and I just loved the experience of reading along with the unboxing of items. In the book are hidden post-it notes to remind you that page is one to open a gift. I really hope they do a second Bridgerton box. The limited-edition books are stunning and I would love a whole collection. This box is sold-out but the limited edition Bridgerton books are still available!

What do you think of the Once Upon a Bookclub Bridgerton box? Would you do a read-along subscription box? Let me know in a comment below!

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