Trying Out The New Glow Baby Line By Pacifica Beauty

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Last week, on Instagram Reels, I shared a texture video of The New Glow Baby Line By Pacifica Beauty.
After trying the set out now for a few weeks I can say the cleanser and peel pads are my fave. The Glow Baby cleanser smells incredible like fresh summer, citrus, and sunshine! I’m loving it as a morning cleanser. It doesn’t really lather or foam more like a gel to milk consistency. I like that the formula doesn’t dry out my skin but leaves it feeling fresh.
The Glow Baby peel pads are a great boost in my nighttime routine. Lactic, glycolic and salicylic help keep my skin clear, soft, smooth, and glowing. These can totally go in the AM or PM. Just wear SPF. I will love these even more if it come in a no-waste toner option. Disposables are just not my thing.

The Glow Baby Facial Lotion is light and fast-absorbing. I like how well it layers with my other serums and that it works well with SPF. It isn’t quite thick enough for my skin alone so I layer an oil under it. Powered by our Brightfirm ComplexTM, this formula is packed with multiple forms of Vitamin C, plant extracts and Vitamin E to help visibly brighten, firm, and reduce the appearance of signs of photoaging.

Glow Baby serum is an AWESOME and affordable moring all-in-one serum. Vitamin C and glycolic team up to brighten and improve the texture + appearance of the skin. A fast-absorbing formula I will give a tip that all you need is a half pipette to cover your face and neck! This is the original Glow Baby product and has a HUGE cult following.

Where to Find the New Glow Baby Line by Pacifica Beauty

The New Glow Baby Line By Pacifica Beauty is available @ultabeauty and @pacificabeauty the 4 piece set retails for $45! Read more skincare reviews here.