Trend Alert: My Top 3 Skin Care Trends for 2019

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My Top 3 Skin Care Trends for 2019

My Top 3 Skin Care Trends for 2019

LED Lights:  These tools have been around forever but I am seeing more and more people looking for information on them.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  Diodes turn energy into photons that your body’s chromophores absorb and then your body uses that energy to produce healthy cells.  A few brands I like are Trophy Skin, Neutrogena and LightStim for Blue, Red and Amber lights.  Blue works great for acne, Red for anti-aging and collagen production, while Amber is great for wound healing, inflammation, and even joints.  The role of LED Lights are pushing into not just skin care but orthodontics, Dentistry (TMJ issues), and even veterinary.  After Louis herniated a disk in his neck we use a Veterinary LED pack for months to help him recover and still use it during cold months.  I predict that the role of antioxidants and reparative ingredients like stem cells and telomeres in skin care will take on an elevated position in 2019 as a way to boost the results from LED tools.

Sheet Masks: This is a current trend that I see continuing in the coming year. It is just so easy to pop on a mask and get your work done around the house or prep for a party or enjoy a book.  Sheet masks are constantly improving in technology.  The new “dry” masks by Charlotte Tilbury and Nanette de Gaspe are awesome.  They are so easy to wear and are totally mess free. Plus, you can reuse them 3-5 times so the price is worth it.  Both have a higher concentration of active ingredients and technologies that help deliver actives deeper into the skin than traditional masks.  For travel, these waterless masks are a must and so convenient.  Other sheet masks making waves are Maskeraide, they have a mask for any situation, Estee Lauder, La Mer, and Karuma.  I predict that we will see more brands launching sheet masks this year.

Clean Beauty: When I first launched my skin care studio clean beauty was a tiny sliver of the market.  I imported a real organic brand in from Europe when clients kept requesting the niche and it all went bad.  Unpurchased due to the cost!  Fast forward ten years and we see clean products that actually have results.  It has been exciting to watch the market explode over the last few years.  A few of my favorites are OSEA, Indie Lee, Evan Healy, Acure and Goop.  I predict this niche will continue to grow and improve in efficacy in 2019.

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