How to Pick Travel Skin Care Products

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How to Pick Travel Skin Care Products featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

How to Pick Travel Skin Care Products featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

How to Pick Travel Skin Care Products featured by popular California beauty blogger Haute Beauty Guide

Lately, the most frequently asked non-baby-related question I get is, “What should I bring on a trip to…”. So here is how I plan my travel skin care products.

  1. Am I flying?  This changes everything. I know I will need a separate bag for plane skin care.  A mist, a heavy-duty face oil+cream, and a sheet mask if it is a super long flight.
  2. What is the weather like where I am going?  Hot weather, high altitude, humidity, or super cold all change what goes into my kit.  For humidity, I want products that absorb quickly where super cold climates I want products that will stay on the skin and protect all day.  I know in high altitudes my skin act a bit crazy so I need to pack a few calming products to keep things level.
  3. Will I be indoors or outdoors more?  This just determines what level of SPF I bring and if I really need much makeup.

Overall, I don’t bring the same items on every trip but I do have a template I use to make things easy.

Travel Skin Care Products:

FACE Travel Skin Care Products

Cleanser // Makeup Remover — I like an all-in-one but because mascara these days takes an act of Congress to get off I bring a makeup remover just in case.  Pacifica Beauty makes a great on-the-go cleanser that gives a gentle but deep clean.  I LOVE this makeup remover for the eyes and lips from ELEMIS.  I keep it in every bathroom in my house for guests and I have several travel bottles on hand.  I even have one in my car and purse.  It fixes all makeup boo-boos.

Scrub –  I find that no matter the weather a good scrub keeps my skin in check.  I like this one from Elemis. No buildup is possible with this one!  When traveling I don’t like to bring anything too harsh in case my skin reacts to the environment or weather.

Mask – Here is where location and weather really matter.  If it is hot I use a clay mask like Caudelie.  For altitude, I use a calming+hydrating mask like the ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN.  In super cold weather, I always go with a sheet mask like Farmacy or LUMIERE de VIE and then a sleeping mask like CLINIQUE overnight sleeping mask.

Hydrator – I bring a separate cream for day and night again based on location and weather.  Right now the ELEMIS Cream to Oil is my go-to for any weather at night.  In cold weather or altitude, I would layer one more step over it.   Daytime for hot weather locals I love the AVYA Day Cream.  For cold weather, I like Jan Marini Age Intervention cream and then layer and SPF over it to seal in moisture + protect.

SPF – Most times I like to layer my SPF in its own step.  BUT, if it is hot and I don’t plan on wearing makeup I will do an all-in-one and carry a mist or brush to touch up every few hours or after a swim.  A good one is this Sonya Dakar FACE SHIELD.

BODY Travel Skin Care Products

Scrub –  Again my skin does better with a good exfoliant every night.  I LOVE this one by PURLISSE.

Hydrator – I will use the hotel body cream most times and bring travel of my favorite JO MALONE in case I don’t like the hotel version.

MAKEUP Travel Skin Care Products

Foundation – This varies depending on what I am into and where I am headed but right now I am all ABOUT this Ilia So glowy!

All-in-One Pallet – I hate having a ton of products to pack.  This super easy all-in-one pallet from 100 Percent Pure has blush, highlighter, and eyes all in one. I can create a full look with it.

Mascara – Can’t leave home without this Ilia Limitless one!

Lips – I love this Clarins lip oil for almost any trip.  It gives just enough color, it’s hydrating, dewy, and easy to pack.  Or this tinted balm by Ilia.

HAIR Travel Skin Care Products

Hair Oil and Dry Shampoo – These is the only hair item I bring; I usually just wash and air dry on vacation.  Oribe hair oil   and Oribe Dry Shampoo


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