Top 5 Beauty Tools

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5. Clarisonic Skin Brush

Imagine a 1 minute routine that will leave your skin soft, clean and tighter.  Clarisonic does that for me.  I discovered it a few years back and have been very impressed with the constant improvements the company is made.  I now use the PRO series,(can only be purchased through a spa/salon/dr) with the new deep cleansing brush head.  I have noticed all of my SCSU products work better and I need a lot less, streching my 30 day supply closer to 40.

4. High Tech Precission Tweezers by Becca

These tweezers get the tiny, itty-bitty, baby hairs that always irritate me and are close to impossible to grab. As someone who spends her day touching-up eyebrows this is one tool I really can’t live without.

3.  MAC 219 brush

I have around 10 of these.  It’s the one brush that does everything.  From concealing blemishes, lines and wrinkles, to creating the PERFECT eye, smokey or classic 3.

2. Silk Pillow Case

Nothing is better than a little anti-aging while I sleep.  Silk pillow cases are my secret weapon, it won’t absorb moisture or products from your face & hair, and the smooth surface means you start the day with crease-free skin.

1. Q-tips

Really what can’t you do with Q-tips.  Fix, apply, clean, perfect they do it all.

What beauty tool can’t you live without?



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