Toddler Homeschool Update + Save 50% off With BumoBrain

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Toddler Homeschool by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a little girl using a writing tablet.

WOW! A year ago we started this toddler homeschool and speech therapy journey and so much has changed. With a lot of ups and downs and lefts and rights I feel like we are on a great path. I’m seeing so many improvements each week in Olivia’s speech. She talks non-stop now and does great at expressing what she wants to say. If you don’t know our journey I wrote about it here and here and here.

Toddler Homeschool

Things that worked for us

Bumo school! We love these classes. So far Beginner Speech, BumoBeats and BumoBoogie have all been big hits. We did BumoBeats and Speech over and over to help Olivia break out of her shy shell. The speech was a great tool to partner with our in-person speech therapy lessons. The BumoSpeech focuses on learning to make sounds and create muscle memory. All things that helped Olivia progress in through her speech therapy lessons. Use code DORAN50 for 50% off your first month of live classes!

Family Game Nights Olivia, like her daddy, is very competitive. We started game nights after dinner and she is now spelling! We use this game from Amazon and this writing tablet and this Doodle Mat to play guess that letter or animal. My husband or I draw a letter or animal and the other competes against Olivia to yell it out first! She has so much fun. We don’t always let her win either.

Toddler Homeschool by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a little girl using a doodle mat.

A Microphone One day our computer mic went out during a Bumo class I quickly had to grab a podcast microphone to get her back up to participate. Olivia LOVED the microphone. She thought it was so fun. I ended up getting her this one from Amazon to use while we read books. Using the microphone, I have her call out colors or animals, make noises or help “read” with me.

Osmo I learned of Osmo through Bumo and we’ve had great progress with the programs. We use the Osmo – New Little Genius Starter Kit for iPad – Ages 3-5. It works at home or travel and has so many different educational games that Olivia doesn’t get board. Somehow the alphabet game really engages her and I hear her calling out letters, objects and colors along with the game.

Toddler Homeschool by popular Monterey motherhood blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a little girl using Osmo.

I’m really happy with all the progress Olivia made in this rough year and so glad I found Bumo that lead me on to even more tools.

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While most BumoBrain classes I pay for, occasionally, I get comped a class or get to try out things early. For total transparency, I found BumoBrain on Instagram through another blogger in a moment I was desperate for help with homeschooling during the pandemic. I signed up for 12 classes and the live classes right off the bat–spending thousands. Over the next several months as I spoke about it on social and here on the blog, BumoBrain reached out with free classes and encouragement in our journey as a thank you. All opinions about BumoBrain are our own and authentic. I’ve now tried 5 different programs and keep coming back to BumoBrain. Out of the 5, I only recommend 2. BumoBrain and Sawyer. Even today most of our classes with Bumo are paid for by myself and my husband. We receive no commissions or payments from Bumo and never have.

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