The Barnsley Resort + Spa in Georgia

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Last weekend I headed out to Georgia and the Barnsley Resort + Spa for TBSCon.  A meet-up where 100 bloggers and brands mingle for a weekend.  This year the theme was a retreat and the location was perfect.  The Barnsley is about an hour north of Atlanta and feels like a step back in time into the movie Dirty Dancing.

I took a red-eye in and immediately checked into the spa when I arrived.  I showered, steamed, saunaed, and relaxed before a spa treatment.  The water rituals were basic with a small steam room, sauna, and waterfall showers.  There were also a small ladies’ quiet area and a coed quiet room.  In the quiet room, I found chaise loungers, snacks, water, and air conditioning!  Even at 10 am, it was HOT.  My treatment didn’t start until 11:30 so I read a book and relaxed.  Several people came and went. But in general, it was nice and quiet.

The Ruins at Barnsley Resort

I chose the EASTERN treatment. A 50-minute Shirodhara treatment with Thai hand + foot compression massage.  Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment that includes the application of a thin stream of warm, herb-infused oil gently streamed over the third eye and other important marmas (energy) points found across the forehead. The oil is then used to massage the head and scalp and to nourish the hair. The Shirodhara is followed by a hot Thai herbal compression massage for the hands and feet. The end result is a state of tranquility and deep relaxation. 

 This was a treatment I wanted to try for years.  It was interesting.  The oil was kind of cold and at first jarring– it kind of felt like brain freeze at first.  After a few minutes, I became used to the sensation and started to relax.  The oil seemed to go on forever!  I enjoyed the scalp massage after but would have loved some facial massage included.  I just had this sensation that my third eye needed pressure applied to it.

After the scalp treatment, my therapist moved on to a hand and foot massage using Thai herbal poultices in the shape of mini microphones or ice cream cones.  I have had this treatment on my entire body before.  It is a favorite of mine.  I felt like the foot and hand massage complimented the treatment perfectly.   They even sent them with me back to my room.  I used them throughout my stay.

Barnsley Resort + Spa Reveiw
Barnsley Resort + Spa Review | The Barnsley Resort + Spa in Georgia by popular California life and style blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman legs at the end of a massage table.

After the spa, I grabbed lunch at the beer garden (I recommend the pimento cheese dip) and checked into my cottage to start the weekend.

The Barnsley Resort Town Hall

A few things to do while at the Barnsley Resort

  1. Spa- They have a diverse menu and something for everyone.
  2. Clays shooting at the Beretta Hunting Grounds with High Adventure Company– THE FUNNEST DAY!  A trio of us went over to try this out and we had the best time.  We laughed so hard at our inability to make contact but we all figured it out eventually.  We did a guided lesson and it was so worth it.  Our guide, Troy, went over safety, and the different types of clays stations, and he gave us tips on what we were doing/doing wrong each round.  Plus, he made us laugh the entire time!  We all agreed we would go back if we had time in our schedules.
  3. Photoshoot at the RUINS– The Barnsley has a deep history dating back to before the Civil War.  The RUINS of the old main house remain with a small museum attached.  It was really stunning and cool to learn about.  People get married there all weekend long so plan ahead if you want to use the site.  At night they have it lit up with fairy lights!
  4. Happy Hour With The Petting Zoo- On Friday night there was the coolest happy hour.  At 4 pm, the Beer Garden offered a cocktail or lemonade and they let in the little farm animals–think baby goats!  I was so mad I fell asleep and missed this!
  5. Horseback riding, golfing, evening S’mores, hikes, lawn games–the list really goes on!

With so much to do the Barnsley Resort was a great girlfriends’ weekend away.  I plan on returning in the future with my family.  It would be a great week away just the three of us.

Clays shooting at the Beretta Hunting Ground by High Adventure Tours Barnsley Resort
Clays shooting at the Beretta Hunting Ground by High Adventure Tours Barnsley Resort
Clays shooting at the Beretta Hunting Ground by High Adventure Tours Barnsley Resort

Have you been to the Barnsley Resort before? Share in a comment below!


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  1. May 19, 2023 / 12:13 pm

    I recently returned from a press trip at Barnsley Resort and had the best time. What a great place! Glad you had a great time too.

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