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I LOVE the airbrushed look.  There just isn’t anyone in the Monterey area that does airbrush makeup and I never learned.  So when Luminess Air contacted me about learning more about their product I was so excited.  I will admit, I was super nervous that it would be hard.  But, after a few trials and watching a few of their videos I feel like a pro!  I can even contour + highlight with it.  All the looks you see on the blog for the next week is featuring Luminess Air (brushed) makeup!

Here are few of my tips for easy use:

  1. It is okay to create your own foundation.  I use 6 drops of shade 2 and 3 drops of shade 3.
  2. Practice makes perfect!
  3. Don’t try to hold the wand in one place to “spot treat” it doesn’t work that way and you get a giant blob of foundation in one spot!  Just keep moving the wand in small circles and the coverage turns out even and perfect.
  4. ALWAYS clean the wand after use.  It only takes a few seconds but if you leave it and come back at night it takes a lot longer.  <— lesson learned there.

I don’t wear makeup every single day.  My motto is that with good skincare you need less makeup.  Plus, I like to use makeup as a way to express myself and getting all dolled up is really fun for me.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of the Luminess Air system… but then I remembered a few years back the “Oxygen Facials” that were all the rave.  I tried them out and loved them but wasn’t really willing to pay the hefty price tag every month to get one.  While I was applying my airbrush makeup the other day I realized I can now get that same “Oxygen Facial” at home!!! The machine works perfectly for it.  Check back Saturday for my how-to (and maybe a video) to see exactly what I am talking about.  Plus, check out my Instagram this week to see makeup looks I created with the Luminess Air.

The Luminess Air is under $20 for the complete starter set!  Use code: 356824747 for 20% off

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