Ten Things… to Radiant Skin

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Radiant Skin Care Must-Haves

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Winter is coming… and with it dry/dull skin.  I try to get ahead of the cold weather and dull skin by prepping my skin early.  Here are a few of my favorite items.

Start now with a soothing cleansing balm or oil.  I like this one from Charlotte Tilbury or Elemis.  The key to cleansing balms is using just a bit and really working it into the skin so that it will melt away dirt and oil.  The right face cloth is important to keep skin from getting dull buildup.   Vitamin C is a must have for winter to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

A great exfoliator will help keep dull skin for hanging out longer than it should.  Keeping a healthy glow starts with stimulating the skin and getting blood to flow.  Try this face massager by Sarah Chapman while you watch TV a few times a week and this stimulating mask by Charlotte Tilbury before an event or party.

Want to take it to the next level?  Try switching out your pillowcases to a silk one and change them twice a week to prevent dirt and build up.  Radiant and healthy skin starts from within so I like to incorporate this Beauty Elixir protein powder and super greens along with this Glow Inner Beauty Powder.

Don’t forget a mist throughout the day to keep skin hydrated and glowing!