Sustainable Skincare- My Favorite Refillable Items

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Sustainable Skincare by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a Follain Everywhere lotion and Follain Everything Soap.

Clean skincare can mean so many different things. For me, it is all about sustainable skincare. I suck at recycling. I ask myself so many questions. Can I recycle this but not that? Will this create waste? So I try to make choices that are easy to keep on track of no waste.

Refillable is my favorite way to go.

Sustainable Skincare

@follains Everywhere Lotion and Soap are two of my favorites. I’ve used Everything Soap for years now around my house and in my studio. I love how pretty and sleek the bottles are, the lavender scent is perfection and the texture is awesome. Sometimes I mix the lemongrass with the lavender for a “signature” scent. Both smell great and they work well together. A little goes a LONG way. But, my favorite part is the bottle is refillable! Follain sells a giant refill online or you can refill it in stores! My only gripe is that the refillable bottle isn’t one of those vegetable pouches with an easy poor spout!

To help get started on a sustainable beauty path Follain is giving away their signature soap as a GWP. From tomorrow, 9/24-9/27, spend $80+ and receive a FREE Follain Everything Soap (Lavender 8 oz, $16 value) w/ Free Shipping

Sustainable Skincare by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a Eufora skincare products.

Eufora has made a commitment to address the global concern of over waste by the beauty industry by implementing new initiatives that will ultimately reduce Eufora travel bottles destined for landfills by over 50%! They are on track for totally eliminating their travel sizes. Eliminating the production of travel and trial size products in plastic bottles and encouraging consumers to refill & reuse their travel size bottles and converting larger plastic bottles to post-consumer recyclable material.

I love their shampoos and conditioners and can’t wait to travel again to use this kit. When I was a kid I LOVED refilling my grandma’s little glass travel bottles. She never used throw away anything–she thought it was a waste of money. I remember thinking how silly she was and now I see she was actually really smart.

The Eufora Clean Getaway Toiletry Bag includes 4 refillable bottles, 1 sprayer, and 1 travel size Elevate (top-selling hairspray) and is now available in salon and online.

Sustainable Skincare by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Au skincare products.

I discovered Au Natural late last year and used the brand exclusively for 3 months. Their whole system is refillable from travel size to full size. The larger pouches are biodegradable and make it super easy to refill the bottles. The Au Naturals cleanser is INCREDIBLE and I highly recommend it. Same with the night cream.

Sustainable Skincare by popular Monterey beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of Lightwell Co. bergamot and lemongrass hand wash refill and Holly Berry hand wash.

Lightwell Co. is a small California based brand. My favorite part about their products other than the refillable qualities is their unique scents. I honestly don’t have a favorite because they all smell so good! One refill bag fills the chic glass bottle twice and the easy pour spout makes it mess-free.

Necessaire Body Essentials

Necessaire body wash comes in an aluminum refill option! I use this one in the shower and then keep two of the large aluminum refills under the sink. By blending Eucalyptus and Bergamont, I create a custom scent that I love. Plus, aluminum has the ability to recycle an infinite amount of times! Use code DORANPOMA for 10% off your order plus the weekly GWP!

Have you tried any of these awesome sustainable skincare brands? Let me know in a comment below!