Summer 2022 Curateur Rachel Zoe Box OF Style Review

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Curateur Summer 2022 box full reveal: Curateur box open on a pink stool with hat, tote bag, kaftan and necklace spilling out

Every season Rachel and her Curateur box (previously Box of Style) team curate a box based on trends of the season.  The full box retails for $99.99 and usually contains around $400 in products-  with 1 or 2 larger “hero” items and a few smaller items. Today I’m excited to share what’s in the Curateur Summer 2022 Box of Style as well as my personal review!

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What’s Inside the Summer Curateur Box of Style:

The Summer curation features 5 items with 2 choice items!

  • La Plage Tote Retails $175 – LOVED this. I needed a big tote like this and just haven’t got around to buying one. This one is huge, sturdy, and has a small phone pocket!
  • Rachel Zoe Collection Rivieria hat Retails $80 – Not a win for me. One it looks nothing like the picture. The hat is super small and I never have trouble with hats. And, it is just ugly. Maybe good steam will help. I’m throwing it in the car for when Olivia needs shade.
  • (choice item #1 ) WALTER BAKER Acapulco Kaftan – Ivory or black Retails $198 – I always need a pool cover up so this is ok for me. Not great but not bad. The material is soft and the fit is good.
  • (choice item #2) Choose between Sunday Riley Light Hearted SPF 30 ( retails $35) or Merit Flush Balm (retails $28) or outside the USA you’ll receive Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser (retails $35)- I received the flush balm and I like it! The color is vibrant but glowy. The size is perfect to use up in a summer. I would have preferred the Sunday Riley cleanser but it wasn’t available to me.
  • JENNIFER MILLER Starburst Charm Necklace Retails at $195.00 – A super pretty necklace but I struggle to see the price. I would sell this for around $50… it feels flimsy. Not impressed.

Join CURATEUR today and get an additional 20% off your first order with code EXTRA20!

Overall, I thought this box was cute. The tote bag made it worth it for me, the blush balm is something I’ll use all summer long and the kaftan is a win too. That hat and the necklace weren’t winners but it’s hard to win at everything!

Let me know what you think of the Summer Curateur Box of Style in the comments below!

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