Stitch Fix #2— March 2014

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Stitch Fix#2

So Stitch Fix is back!  This time with mixed reviews. I was on the fence about almost every piece in the box this time.

 Here is the fix!  

Barcelona Solid Short Sleeve Blouse  ($58)
The fit on this was perfect and so was the color.  My only concern was the price.  $58 seemed a bit much for this ordinary shirt I felt could be picked up anywhere.  Overall I loved it so I decided… Status: It’s a KEEPER

Johnny Skinny Jeans  ($88)
I liked these jeans, they were SUPER skinny and looked great… but the waist was just a little too small and I don’t like the muffin top look so…Status: It went back.

Albertson Chambray Henley Blouse  ($68)
I HATED IT.  The fit was wrong.  The shimmer was wrong.  The 3/4 buttons were wrong.  There just wasn’t a right.  Status: It went back.

Olive Fit and Flare Dress ($78)
I really wanted to love it.  This piece was so cute but it just didn’t work on my long torso.  Status: It went back.

Antioch Lurex Detailed Striped Sweater by Mystree ($78)
This was cute but resembled pajamas. .  Status: It went back.

Can’t wait to see my fix for next month.  This one didn’t excite me at all.

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