Spring Cleaning -Closets Part 1

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Gucci Marmont mini bag style by popular California fashion blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

I am obsessed with Spring Cleaning this year.  My new house is so perfect I hate clutter or messy anything right now.  So I took everything out of my closets and sorted through them.  Here is what I found out!

1. I have WAY too much stuff.

2. WAY too much of it still has tags on it.

3. I rarely wear any of it more than twice.

4. The things with tags are all items that didn’t fit my personal style, but I bought it because it was super cute.

So after my discovery I decided to clear out my closets.  Since everything was in AMAZING shape and rarely worn I decided to turn to consignment shops first.

Designer bags all went off to FASHIONPHILE.  {I yearly purse purge, but this year was a whopping 23 bags!}  I made a little under 10k for all of those unwanted bags.  They sell the item and send you a check the same day as the sale!  Their consignment fees are super reasonable.  You receive 70% of the sale price below $3,000 and 85% on any additional amount items sold over $3,000.  They have really great prices if you are a seller and really great layaway if you are a buyer!  The process was super easy.  Just submit a few pics of your designer shoes, bags or jewelry and they respond back within 72 hours with a quote! Plus, they will pay for shipping!

Clothes and mid-level designer bags went to Ritzy Rags.  They were great also.  I dropped off seven bags of clothes, handbags, and shoes!  They are picky about what designers and brands they will take, but for me pretty much the only thing they sent back were items from the GAP.  Their fees were a little steep 40%!  If they lowered their fee to 30% I would probably consign with them regularly.  So far, I have made just shy of $1,000.

Lastly, I tried out ThreadUp.  This was great for all my Forever 21, GAP, Express, etc. items.  They were super easy.  Just request a bag and they mail out a giant bag to fill up with clothes.  The postage is paid, and they pick it up so it is definitely the easiest route.  Their fees vary and since it was all lower priced items I was happy with the $200+ I received.

What did I do with all that money…. bought a new bag of course!  Pics to come in a later post.

I still have a lot of cleaning out to do, but this was a GREAT start!

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