Spa Day: Vital Body Therapy–My First CBD Massage

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Vital Body Therapy CBD Santa Cruz, California | Spa Day: Vital Body Therapy--My First CBD Massage by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman standing in front of shelves with CBD products on them.

I love a good spa day but I haven’t had a proper massage since before I got pregnant over two years ago!  When Vital Body Therapy reached out to learn more about their unique approach to holistic healing and massage I started to hit the delete button.  Why?  I knew little to nothing about CBD accept I wasn’t sure I wanted to.  Instead, I hit reply and asked to learn more. I am so glad I did; because I learned so much and got an amazing CBD massage!

A few days ago, I drove up to Santa Cruz, California (about an hour north of Monterey) to meet a few members of the Vital Body Therapy team and experience their facilities and a massage.  If you follow me on Instagram you know how it went–if you don’t here is the cliff notes version.  It was the best massage I have ever had!  And, working in the spa world, going to massage school, having dozens of therapist friends, you can imagine I have had more than a lot of massages in my life.  Also, I had an in-depth lesson on why CBD works in body care and Vital Body Therapy’s approach to the ingredient in their products.

Today, I am talking about the location, massage, and meeting but later this week I will deep dive into CBD and Vital Body Therapy’s take on it.  It was just too much to put into one post!



I arrived a bit early to speak with Kelly the owner of Vital Body.  She gave me a tour of the whole facility– a 100 year+ former house that now serves as a retreat.  The decor was simple and artistic.  The vibe was serene.  Each room was larger than I expected but still felt cozy, warm and inviting.  The light through the window gave the whole building a peaceful glow that made me feel instantly calmer.  Kelly let me know that their approach at Vital Body Therapy is one of spa and therapy.  The zen and relaxing vibe of a spa and the real bodywork of a physical therapy office or chiropractic massage.  In my opinion, a marriage of ideas that is ideal but often hard to find.

The Vital Body Therapy focus is on making the experience about the client.  The massage was customized to me.  Booking is simple online, in ap or by phone.  Parking was super easy.  Checkin was a breeze.  The therapists all have 3 or more years of experience and 500+ hours of training prior to that experience.  So that means they can customize the massage to a specific client’s body.  Such a refreshing approach!

After our chat, which I will tell you about later this week, I met my therapist.  We also chatted a bit.  After telling her about my posture issues, sharp pains I get in my right hip and arm she gave me some detailed stretches to do to help long term keep the muscles happy.  I do the stretches nightly now!  The arm stretch gives me instant relief.  I appreciated it at the beginning of the massage because I have a tendency not to remember instructions if given after the massage.

I jumped on the table after and she started the massage.  She explained the CBD massage cream she was using and how it would help during the massage and after.  The texture of the cream was perfect.  Not too slippery that I felt greasy after but the friction wasn’t uncomfortable at all.  I use the sheet test when I get a massage–if the sheet sticks to me I need a shower immediately after if not I usually leave the cream on after for a little hydration.  In this case, I left it on.  I LOVED the menthol icy tingle of the cream.  It lasted for hours and so did the scent.  9 different herbs and oils are in the cream that gives it a spa scent.  Lavender and chamomile followed me throughout the day and I loved it.

It was great that my therapist really focused on my problem areas.  I hate when you go through a whole intake process and then get a cookie-cutter massage.  That was NOT deal here.  My arm and hip were the focus while still balancing my whole body out.  Throughout the massage, she checked in with me in a non-imposing way to make sure I was comfortable and to give me tips on relieving some of my hip pain myself.  Overall, the massage was awesome.  Just the right balance of education and zone out that I needed.

Vital Body Therapy CBD Santa Cruz, California | Spa Day: Vital Body Therapy--My First CBD Massage by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman sitting outside Vital Body Therapy.

Vital Body Therapy CBD Santa Cruz, California | Spa Day: Vital Body Therapy--My First CBD Massage by popular California beauty blog, Haute Beauty Guide: image of a woman standing inside Vital Body Therapy studio.

After, I popped into the retail area.  It is always my favorite part to look explore.  I was excited to see a few of my favorite brands like Erberjey, Coola and Farmhouse Fresh.  I could sit in the retail space all day the light was so pretty!

The next morning I was SORE like I worked out.  Two years of no massage and I expected some pain.  I am convinced I didn’t feel anything that day or night because of the CBD massage cream.  It had a numbing effect on my muscles that was perfect for the drive home and to sleep at night.  The next evening I soaked with the CBD Epsom salts and had instant relief.   The scent is relaxing but the soak really helped ease my muscles.

I would explain Vital Body Therapy as the perfect place to go for a massage program.  I would go every month if I lived closer.   It was that good and the price was awesome $110 for an hour.  A full hour, too.  Not a spa hour that is really only 45-50 minutes.  The vibe was warm and inviting but the massage was real and beneficial.  A place you go to consistently to help with an issue you are experiencing or for a little self-care time.

And, yes, this experience was courtesy of Vital Body Therapy but I am taking my husband next week for our anniversary for lunch in Santa Cruz and a massage at Vital Body on my own dime.   I have been using the massage cream on his shoulder–that he broke last year and still suffers severe pain from– and it is helping so much he wants to try out a massage.

Check out Vital Body Therapy here or on Instagram and more on their product here.

Have you had a CBD massage before?  If so, share in a comment below!


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