So Fresh and Clean All Month Long with Summer’s Eve Products

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Over the last decade in the spa world, I helped clients take care of every piece of their body!  One of my first jobs was as a wax intern in Oakland, Ca where every type of client possible came in to have every body-part possible waxed!  I have assisted in the “period” talk with at least 10 young girls whos Moms needed some help. So I am super comfortable talking about keeping things fresh but I know that isn’t the case for everyone.

Summer's Eve Products featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

Staying Fresh and Clean with Summer’s Eve Products

So here it goes… Your vagina needs special care.  I repeat DO NOT use just any old body wash or towelette on your lady bits.  It throws off the PH and you end up with the complete opposite results you are going for.  I started using and keeping Summer’s Eve products in my waxing room years ago.  It helped ladies gently touch up before and after a wax.  Now that I am retired from waxing I still keep the Summer’s Eve products in my own bathroom, gym bag, and summer bag to help stay fresh anywhere.


Clean beauty is important to me and the new Summer’s Eve FreshCycle wipes and foam are made with a patented odor reducing ingredient, that gently reduces period odor without dyes, parabens, alcohol and they are cruelty-free.  I keep the FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths Individually Wrapped in my beach bag even when I’m not on my period.  Not every beach on the Peninsula has a place to shower off or even real bathrooms.  Wipes help me freshen up even at the most remote beaches or for the ride home!  Summer's Eve Products featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide


I work out at a barre studio or Pilates studio three times a week.  Neither has a gym or shower!  The FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths Individually Wrapped or FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths Soft Pack are a MUST!  The soft pack is just the right size to keep in my gym bag along with my face wipes and underarm wipes.  Both studios are close to 45 minutes from my house and I try to get my groceries and other errands done after I workout.  I feel so much better knowing I have the wipes to freshen up with after an hour-long sweaty workout– especially during my period! Let’s be honest post workout and period is not a fresh feeling.  The FreshCycle products are formulated for the most intimate parts, balanced to a woman’s natural pH and gynecologist tested for everyday use to help freshen up even after a workout.

Summer's Eve Products featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide


The FreshCycle Cleansing Cloths, some chocolate, a mini heating pack, some pimple cream, and pads make a chic cosmetic bag make a great “first-period” gift!  I remember when I was younger being so paranoid someone would know I was on my period.  While a good conversation with young girls to let them know periods are totally normal is great a little period emergency kit makes thing easier to explain.

Summer's Eve Products featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide


At home, I keep the FreshCycle No-Rinse Cleansing Foam in every bathroom.  It is super easy to use.  The No-Rinse Cleansing Foam can be applied directly to toilet paper for freshening up specifically during your period.   I like the “scratch to smell” sticker so I could experience the fresh scent before purchasing.

Overall, I really appreciate that Summer’s Eve came out with clean beauty products for my most sensitive area.  All three products are gentle, clean and give the peace of mind that I am walking around super fresh.

Let’s talk about clean beauty for your period?  What do you keep in your gym bag or handbag to help keep fresh?

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