Beauty Empties: Skincare and Hair Products I Used Up Last Month

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It feels like I didn’t really use much over the last month. I went hard on Vitamin A and my skin was not happy about it so I turned to a lot of hydrating and nourishing products in my cabinet. Here are my beauty empties and my thoughts on each skincare and haircare product I used.


Then I Met You Living Cleansing Balm

Probably my favorite cleansing balm ever. Just the right amount of slip to work all over the face without pulling on the skin. This cleanser really grabs hold of and melts down all of my makeup and SPF. I tended to use too much some nights and then it was pain around my eyes. Those nights I would just emulsify it with a ton of water before removing it with a warm, damp cloth. Overall, I would buy again and again and again. I have two more tubs in my closet for fear it will run out or go on backorder. Shop Now.

Replenix Age Restore NightTime Therapy

A surprising sample win for me. This arrived in a PR basket and I put it on a shelf. When my skin was a mess over the last few weeks from Vitamin A I pulled this out to extra nourish my skin. The texture is perfect. Thick but not to the point it interferes with my hydration. It never pilled or rolled. My skin drank it up. I bought a larger size to keep it in my routine throughout winter. I used it as a serum and applied another cream over it but technically it is a cream. Shop now.

111Skin Y Theorem Repair Serum

A must-have post-peel or post-retinol serum if you can afford it. This one is steep with a retail price of $350 but for me, it is worth every penny. If it was the only serum I could afford I would scrounge my pennies for it. I had about 5 of the sample tubes and liked them so much that I bought them in the full size. SHOP Now.

Tammy Fender Herbal Clarity Bath Milk

TF is a dreamy bath and body product. Usually, their products are my perfect match but this one tended to dry my skin out. I don’t recommend it for dry skin like mine. SHOP NOW.

Radiant Seoul Beauty Brightening Moisturizing Cream

Totally on the fence with this one. I liked it at first but ended up not really loving it as time went on. I stopped using it on my face altogether and just used it up on my arms and stomach. The texture was off. It seemed to absorb well some days and not on others. At night it just wasn’t enough moisture for me. I think a true COMBO skin would love it. SHOP ON AMAZON NOW. Don’t forget to clip the coupon for 15% off.

Drybar Prep Rally

This works amazingly on Olivia’s hair. On mine it left a weird greasy coating I just couldn’t get over. If you have thick dry hair skip it. SHOP Now.

Besame Cold Cream

My top favorite beauty empties this month was this cold cream.  OBSESSED. I didn’t expect to like this so much. The texture is perfect. A soft creamy cleanse versus the greasy balm I usually adore. This cold cream got every ounce of makeup and SPF off. If the skin balm first cleanse is just too much for you to handle give this cold cream a try. All skin types will love it. SHOP NOW.

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