Skin Care Shape Up Day 2

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I am still on my Skin Care Shape Up Plan.  Today’s agenda was similar to yesterday but it was all veggies instead of fruit.  I am already starting to see some improvement!

Whole Foods Tropical Greens Juice

Food:  All Vegetables All Day–  I started with a green juice (again from Whole Foods) and then snacked all day with celery and radishes.  Lunch was a salad from Chipotle with lettuce, fajita peppers, mild salsa, and guacamole.  Dinner was a cup of soup (recipe here) and a 1/2 a baked potato.   Plus I had lots and lots of water and a Trenta iced green tea unsweetened from Starbucks.

Exercise:  I worked all day at my skincare studio in Monterey, Ca so I didn’t have time to go to the gym.  Instead, I did 50 squats and 25 (each side) curtsy squats on the TRX.

My skin day 2. I still have breakouts and you can see some red inflammation from previous breakouts.
My skin day 2. I still have breakouts and you can see some red inflammation from previous breakouts.

Skincare:  I did a NuFace microcurrent facial.

  • Cleanse with Jan Marini Bioglycolic Wash (use code 093623 for 5% off your first order)  I like to apply it with dry hands to dry face, work it in for a bit and then let it sit before removing with a wet cloth.
  • Scrub— Jan Marini Holiday Scrub.
  • Microcurrent— For me this is like a massage! Nuface offers a spa like treatment from the comfort of your couch.  Last night was movie night so I did this at the same time and it went by super quick.  I put my Vitamin C first then the Nuface gel before I did the treatment.  I plan on using Nuface tomorrow and every other night I am on the SCSU!  It is a great investment and really stretches out the results of my pro facials.  ** If you did the glycolic treatment yesterday and feel like your skin is sensitive try an ice facial instead.** Just cleanse, rub and ice cube on your face until it is completely melted, pat dry and moisturize!
  • Treat— I followed with a Jan Marini BioClear Cream.
  • Hydrate— And I finished with Jan Marini  Age Intervention Face Cream.

*Don’t forget to use SPF tomorrow  I used this one by goop.  I love that it is easy to reapply during the day and it smells AMAZING.

Day 3 is Fruit & Veg day… see you tomorrow.

If you missed Day 1 (fruit & peel day) you can check it out here.

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