Skin Care Shape-Up Day 10… Sleep

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Sleep is a FREE way to clear up skin.  Your skin rejuvenates and is heals itself during sleep.  So hit the pillow and get gorgeous!

I often have a hard time falling to sleep here are my best tips to a good nights rest.

Lavender– room spray, essential oil or dried, this is a must for me. 

A great pillow– there really is nothing worse than a lumpy, flat or uncomfortable pillow. 

Total Darkness– the smallest bit of light makes it hard for me to sleep.  So I put up dark curtains, and turn off all electronics with lights, even cell phones and clocks.  I actually put my phone with the alarm on… this serves two purposes.  One I have to get out of bed to turn it off and two I can’t see the screen, texts, updates or flashes.

Nature– I love a soothing nature playlist when I sleep. 

Clutter free room— mess creates bad energy so pick up a little before bed and enjoy a restful nights sleep. 

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