Skin Care Shape-up Challenge Day 7 Fit Bit… to great skin

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I love tracking numbers and my skin always looks best when I workout.  So I have purchased every step/calorie tracker ever!  I have the bodybugg, nike wrist band and now the FitBit.  I have to say this is my favorite tracker so far.  Not only is the tracking tool FREE but it just has so many more options.  From sleep efficiency, food log, steps, calories, and floors.  I love that I don’t even notice it on.  The bodybugg irritated my skin and the tracking software was irritating to use and the nike wrist band just didn’t seem to be accurate. There are even groups and competitions to join.  Here is a picture of the new one that will be released soon.  I firmly believe getting my sweat on is a big plus for healthy skin and this little tracker makes it so much more fun.

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