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Sephoria Tarte Flower Car | Sephoria 2018 Review featured by top California beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

Last weekend I headed south for a few days of meetings and Sephoria 2018!  It was such a cool event.  Sephora set up a real-life dollhouse full of rooms themed by some of their top brands all in honor of their 20th anniversary.  It was the adult glam girl version of trick-or-treating.  I had such a good time and I can’t wait to see what they do next year.  It was an intimate experience that gave regular beauty fans the opportunity to interact with Sephora’s most luxe brands.  Brand founders were on hand to answer questions and gift suggestions on everything from how to get a Pat McGrath glitter lip to Tatcha’s signature double cleanse.

First up was the garden.  La Mer, Gucci, GlamGlow and It Cosmetics and Viktor and Rolf.  The Garden was the most visually stunning.  There was a GIANT (almost house size) bottle of La Mer cream.  Viktor and Rolf had a magician that could make you “float”.  Glam Glow had a giant mask jar and Gucci had a prim and proper tea set up.  It was so cool and the perfect way to enter the event.

Huda Beauty Kitchen from Sephoria | Sephoria 2018 Recap featured by top California beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

Then into the MAJESTIC for the “house” rooms.  The first floor was set up with a KITCHEN, SUDS ROOM, and LIVING ROOM.  The Kitchen was cute but didn’t give out samples and were just giant sales setups.  HUDA beauty and Becca were selling special kits exclusive to the event.  I passed.  Across the way, Urban Decay had a fun slot machine setup that gave prizes like the new Cherry pallet.  I won a pin.  🤣🍒

On to the basement…

The basement had two bars, a dance floor and lipstick vault… oh and Fenty Beauty Glitter Room!  In the fragrance bar, brands like Tom Ford had stunning insta-worthy booths that gave out samples and drink tickets!  Also, in the basement was a Fenty glitter room that was boomerang gold.  Fenty didn’t have samples or gifts but they did have exclusive merch for sale.

Sephoria 2018 Fragrance Bar

TOM FORD, Jo Malone London, Maison Margiela, and Kilian

The Gift Bag

I had a gold ticket so my gift bag was worth $700  Included was:

Total Value: $756

 | Sephoria 2018 Recap featured by top California beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

And, some cool merch exclusive to the event.  I grabbed the personalized YSL Lipstick with my name engraved, a Sephora brand lipstick with Olivia’s picture on it and the bounce foundation with a custom beauty blender in my exact foundation shade.

Overall, the event was fabulous.  It wasn’t overrun by a ton of beauty bloggers or influencers so everyone got to feel special.  No one even knew I had a blog and it was nice.  I met two other new mamas in line and we hung out throughout the night.  The lines weren’t too long and as a Gold Ticket holder, I got three “fast passes” but only used one.  The GT also got me into the event early but since I had to pick up my tickets at will call and there was a girl in front of me with a fake ticket I ended up being one of the last ones in the door.  The GT also got me a seat in the Master Class of my choosing.

This is where I think Sephora can do better next year.  The class was held in a cave!  It was dark, HOT and we were all packed in there. I ended up leaving 5 minutes after Charlotte Tilbury got on stage.  It was too much for me and you couldn’t see anything.

I can’t wait to go back again next year!  Did you attend Sephoria 2018?  What did you think?

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