Saturday Night Facial At Home

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This week’s routine features some new products and one drugstore steal!

Facial Night
Facial Night

First prep the skin with Phytomer Micellar Water for the eyes.

Next up Phytomer Souffle Marine facial cleanser— this is a foaming milk cleanser and I loved it.  The smell was just a hint and the texture is dreamy.

Follow up the cleanse with Phytomer Rose Visage.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant was next.  This really can be used daily and leaves the skin polished and glowing!

At the checkout line today, I found this Miss Spa self-heating facial cream mask, and it was amazing.  It really does heat up!  I felt it was really relaxing and soothing after a long week.

For post routine, I started with Jan Marini Bioclear cream and luminate eye gel (for dark eyes, puffiness and wrinkles!)  {Use Code 093623 to save 5% off your first order!}



I ended with Yonka creme 15 and Juvenil.  This acne treatment smells wonderful and left my skin feeling hydrated but not greasy.  Mix two drops of the juvenil into a bit of the cream 15.  It really feels fresh and soft and absorbed quickly.  It is a nighttime treatment.

I added in the Jan Marini neck cream.  {Use Code 093623 to save 5% off your first order!} It is a must! Join the no chicken neck movement.  lol.

What are your favorite facial night products?


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