San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

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We popped up to the city for a fun weekend celebrating the Chinese New Year Parade– as only the Ritz-Carlton could do it!  For years I have wanted to see the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade so my husband agreed to finally give it a try. It was so fun and I recommend going if you are planning on being in town for the Lunar New Year festivities.

Louis tagged along!

First up dinner at the bar with the BEST cheese plate ever.  That foam is honey!  So good we almost ordered a second.

The next morning we went off for a walk before everything got started.

The parade was incredible and so full of energy.  The best was how close it was to the Ritz-Carlton San Francisco! We walked out the hotel and down a block and were right there with the best views.

After we had a tasting dinner at the restaurant.  One of the most interesting meals ever!  So good.  Just don’t fill up on bread because SOOOO much food is on the way.

Overall, we loved the experience and how great the hotel was.  We can’t wait to go back.


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