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If you saw my post last week about the Rodan+Fields Acute Care Patches then you know I LOVE these guys.  I was skeptical about the efficacy of these, but after one use I was very happy with the results.  Like I said last week I have an ugly sleep wrinkle (actually two…shhhh).  It appears whenever I use skincare that doesn’t really hydrate well or I don’t drink enough water or sleep in my makeup or party a little too hard.  It is always slightly there but after one of my bad habits it appears in deep force.  I have always been concerned about the one near my eye and cheek, but after taking several dozen pictures in order to capture I am really worried about the one between my brows!

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The Acute Care patches are marketed towards expression lines but mainly towards crows feet.  They contain only two ingredients peptides and hyaluronic acid.  Peptides boost skin cell production and encourage healthy cells where hyaluronic acid boost hydration.  The patches were easy to use but not a spa-like experience.  Acute care is truly a treatment, not a relaxing time.  Each patch has Liquid Cone Technology which are kinda spiky and really penetrate the skin to deliver big results.  But, they are not comfortable.  At all.  They kinda hurt when you first put them on and in the morning when removed the spot feels a little tender.





The patches are see through so they weren’t super weird looking on.  Actually they weren’t very noticeable.  I slept in them.  In the morning, there was like some white residue but it washed off easily.





The results though are amazing and long lasting.

The next morning my sleep wrinkle by my cheek was GONE!   The bit between my brows was still there but not as visible.





Overall, I love these patches!!! I already bought another kit so that I always have them on hand.

*** To learn more about REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™, please see this YouTube video. ***

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