Rock the Vote

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Rock the Vote 2016 X Popsugar

Rock the Vote!

2016 will turn out one of the most important Presidential Elections of my lifetime.  Just a note about me, I love politics; I studied it at University.  I also like to get involved and volunteer.  In the California primaries, I even worked the polls!  When Popsugar X Rock the Vote contacted me to raise awareness to register I jumped and said yes!  (This is NOT a paid post.)  So I want to take this moment to really encourage everyone out there get registered and VOTE!  Make your voice heard!

There are four candidates in this race and I hope everyone researches all of them. All four offer different views and options for our future.  If you are not sure… contact the candidates or head to your local party offices.  They are staffed with plenty of people that will educate you on their candidate.  Not sure what parties have candidates?  Here you go… Democrats, Republicans, Green, and Libertarian.  Google each for more information.

 Not sure where to register to vote?  Californians can register here and if you are in another state or territory just google where to register to vote (+ the state you live in).

Rock the Vote

As you can see I am voting Johnson from the Libertarian party… check out his website.  This is the only political post I will put here on the blog.  I know we come here for fashion, skincare and fun.  But, please register and get involved in a cause that matters to you.


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  1. August 5, 2016 / 9:39 am

    There can’t be enough reminders to people to vote. It is so important and especially this year

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