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If you know me well you know skincare is my thing.  I am always looking for new products that will make my skin glow.  As a member of #IFABBO I am lucky to try out some pretty great products and then write about them.  This  Redefine Acute Care set from Rodan+Fields is one of them. {This was a press sample.}


First off, the cleanser, this was my favorite piece of the set.  It is a mask, scrub and cleanser in one!  I loved putting the cleanser on prior to my shower so it had time to set up.  It really cleans the skin and leaves the skin feeling AMAZING.  Fresh, clean and vibrant are a few words I use when I am telling friends about this cleanser.  It will fully dry if left too long and then it required a washcloth to remove! I ran out this morning and I was actually sad.  I HAVE TO GET MORE!  It was that great.



The toner was nice and really left the skin feeling hydrated and clean, but honestly I often forgot to use it.  Toners just aren’t my thing.  But it smells amazing, kinda like fresh laundry.

I really liked the night cream also.  The scent is consistent across all four of the items in the set.  I liked it. The night cream was thick without feeling heavy.  It absorbed easily and quickly and didn’t leave a weird greasy or residue feeling.  My skin looked fresh and hydrated not only right after I applied it but also when I woke up the next morning.  I LOVED this product and will purchase a refill.

The AM cream I had a bad breakout reaction to so I only used it a few days.  I know it is the SPF in the cream; I am really sensitive to SPF and have to be careful.  I wouldn’t let the fact that the AM cream didn’t work out for me prevent me from giving this a positive review or purchasing the three products that I really loved.

NOW, the fun part of this set are the Acute Care patches!  These are amazing and a MUST HAVE for every woman battling fine lines.  They are marketed for fine lines around the eye, but that isn’t my target problem.  Instead, I have an ugly sleep wrinkle.  This ugly blemish has been with me for a few years now and I notice a big difference in it if I spend a night out drinking or sleep in my makeup.  {I know…bad, bad me.} Next week I will have a whole post devoted to these amazing beauty tools but for now I will give you a sneak peak.     My sleep wrinkle is GONE!!! What?!?!  Yep, gone.  Check back next week for before and after pics and info for why I love them.

Overall this whole set was a win for me.  While the AM cream didn’t work with my skin, the rest was amazing and I have purchased a refill on the cleanser and patches.  My acne didn’t flare up with the kit and neither did my nose react to the scent.  I would say this kit is best for aging skin or those that are looking for anti-aging support.  The patches for me will remain in my beauty arsenal as post party must have.

*** To learn more about REDEFINE ACUTE CARE™, please see this YouTube video. ***

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