Reddit SS 2014—A Clue for a Secret Pirate

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  • Ye treasures be ready to hunt.
  •  Look fer 6 in total. 
  • th’ clue ‘n a map be on a red, white ‘n blue ship. 
    • These tools be needed to heartly enjoy ye spoils.
  • A collection o’ pictures wished to be seen gunna arrive on th’ winds o’ th’ comin week.
  • Look out fer a message in a bottle, it holds a pair o’ surprises.
  • Cinnamon and spice will heat the festive days. 
  • A treasure be on a brown ship that sails th’ black seas. If left unattended or heated it shall perish fer all eternity.

    Jolly luck ‘n have merry a ruckas.


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