Reddit Gift Exchange… Arbitrary Day

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My Secret Santa gift arrived today and it is PERFECTION!!!

First up my favorite piece…

Louis received a Darth Vader costume!!!!!!  With the cutest note NOT to become the dark lord.  He is recovering from his de-maning and still in the cone of shame so no outfits for him this weekend.  But as soon as he feels better I will snap some pics of him in this! 

My little Louis!

Luca received a super cute polo shirt and looks uber preppy in it (not shown here).  As soon as Louis is feeling up to it a photo shoot will happen!
And for me… a great cookbook on Middle Eastern food.  My fave!  I can’t wait to try this out.  I plan to pick out a recipe this weekend and head over to the Lebanese market for ingredients.  

 Next up a CA hiking guide!!! So perfect.  I will bring this on every CA trip I go on from now on and my wonderful SS Mark even included a fire starter.  At first I thought he was the best online detective and I must have posted to social media about my inability to start a fire in my new house.  I really suck at it.  And then I saw the note… about never hiking without a fire starter.  Super thoughtful.  THANK YOU!!!! to my wonder SS on for such an awesome gift.  Every piece is so thoughtful and really a perfect item.  



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