Reddit Gift Exchange— 100 Gift Exchange Extravaganza!!!

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I read Reddit daily.  I rarely (like only twice in my life) comment because most people on there intimidate me.   My favorite are all the secret Santa and gifting post, they are so creative and entertaining.  When Reddit emailed me that they were celebrating their 100th anniversary, I thought might as well give it a go.  I am SO happy I did.

I signed up and then waited (like clicked refresh constantly at 3/3 midnight) to see who I was matched with.  When finally around 10am my match came through I instantly began cyber stalking them. Unfortunately for me, she had everything set to private.  Facebook, and G+ , were a bust and she didn’t really give me much to go on with her profile.  After some sleuthing I found that she like a show called, Avatar The Last Airbender and art. So in the Reddit store I found some really great watercolor prints from the show.  Hopefully she loves them and I can’t wait to hear her response!

When you sign up you are also given a secret Santa.  Mine was AWESOME!!  After a bit of messaging I came home from class one day and found a box with my reddit ID on it.  Inside were a really cool terrarium with a starfish and red moss and Tina Fey’s book.  I have really been wanting both but haven’t purchased them for myself.

I really adore the terrarium.  I am determined to keep it alive at all costs!!!  I have it hanging from my living room window and it is perfect!  The book is perfect timing, since I have a school break coming up and I always try to get some free reading in on those.  I am such a Tina Fey fan and can’t wait to dig into this book!

Overall the experience was super fun.  Both hunting down a gift for a stranger and receiving a surprise from someone (my SS was from Australia.)  I can’t wait to do it again.  


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