Reading List: Books I Read This Week 08.07.22

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The past week really blew by fast. I can’t believe it is almost Car Week here in Monterey! This is the craziest week for us locals. The traffic goes nuts and 100k tourists create a bit of chaos but most of us really love it. Last week I finished up a few books that have been on the nightstand forever. Here are all the books I read and listened to last week.

The North Wind I’ve always loved the Greek myth of Persephone! It is probably why Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale. This is a grown-up version for sure. The main characters are brass and not the fairytale innocent version of themselves at all. I loved how complex Wren of Edgewood was. She desperately wants to protect her sister at all costs. She doesn’t want to like Frost King. Wren blames him for her parent’s death and the devastation to her village. When she tricks him and her sister into going with him she finds herself in a place she can’t figure out and faced with looking at things from all angles. This is a great plot full of love, grief, growing up, the complexities of family relationships and finding yourself. I loved it and can’t wait for the second book! Available on Amazon/Audible and limited edition cover at Once Upon A Bookclub

Darling Girl Loved this book! This is a super fast read mainly because it is impossible to put down. The plot was unique, fun, and full of so many layers. It is a take on the Peter Pan fairytale and a great book club pick. The characters are all grown up now and look at it from a grown experience. A unique take on the Darling family from behind the scenes and many generations after the original tale. I found Holly Darling so relatable. The author did a great job and making me feel her pain. I was so frustrated with her at times and but I totally understood her decisions at the same time. A great story of grief, a mother’s love, growing up, and finding yourself. The Available on Amazon/Audible and

Cult Classic by Sloan Crosley was totally different than anything I’ve read. The main character, Lola, isn’t really likable or it seems liked. She is engaged but unsure about it when on a night out with friends she starts running into old EXs and damn she has a lot of them. We follow her on a two-week journey of self-discovery and self-infliction as she reminisces about the ups and downs that were her past relationships.
A couple of ex-boyfriends in it is revealed her closest friends have started a cult/mind study thing that may or may not be the reason for recent run-ins.

Overall, this was a B- for me.

Lola wasn’t likable and neither were her friends or really anyone she dated. But throughout her journey, I think all of us can see ourselves or a former relationship in her past failures. The cult part was funny but not developed enough to really get into it and the ENDING was rushed. I also saw the plot twist coming halfway through the book. I hated the ending about as much as I did Lola. It was short and funny at times read. Perfect if you are looking for something rom-com-ish but not bubbly. Available on Amazon/Audible and

Sisters of the Resistance A thriller with complex layers of history, family relationships, and gorgeous fashion. This was a fast read that filled all the feels–heartbreak included. It is based loosely on the life of Catherine Dior during WWII. I found myself loving and hating the characters but rooting for them to succeed the whole way through. Available on Amazon/Audible and

Bourdain This was a rough listen. Anthony Bourdain had an interesting life plagued by the constant companion of addiction. It was interesting to see how that addiction manifested throughout the years. I almost put it down a dozen times but kept going. The ending is a heartbreaking tale we all know the outcome but not the details until now. Narrated and written by his family, friends, and those who truly knew him this book broke my heart. It is a real look at the life of a man who lived fully in the spotlight. What it took to get there and what it did once he was there. I never read any of Bourdain’s work and only occasionally watched his shows but after this book, I went back and read Kitchen Confidential. Available on Amazon/Audible and

The Royal Runaway A fun, funny, and fast-paced weekend read. After being jilted at the alter Princess Theodora Isabella Victoria of Drieden of the Royal House Laurent sneaks out for a night of fun. Only to get caught up in a mess that may unravel her whole world. I like both the characters and the story was a fun lighthearted read. Available on Amazon/Audible and

It Happened One Summer I listened to this one and it was sexy, funny and an enjoyable summer read. I laughed so hard at poor little rich girl Piper’s adventures after exile. From the opening chapter Piper is hilariously delusional but after a big mess up her stepdad sends her off to learn more about her parents’ lives pre-Hollywood. Like a good sister, Hannah joins her and they discover ties to the past that they’ve been missing. This was such a fun and delightful read. I bought part two and am starting it this week. Available on Amazon/Audible and

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