Quarantine Conversations With Shelley Bennett

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I met Shelley Bennett a few years ago. She was a local esthetician in town and wanted to try out lash extensions. She totally cold-called me and asked if I was willing to trade for a Silk Peel. I usually turn down trades. They just never really work out for me! But, something told me to say yes.

Who knew all these years later that call would turn into a friendship that I treasure. While I was pregnant Shelley was such a wealth of information on raising strong, independent and polite daughters. She has two! So I trusted her advice instantly. My skin was a sensitive mess and she helped me test out routines to help clear it up without irritation. All while offering a quiet strength and gentleness a pregnant first-time Mom needs!

Over the years we bounced business ideas about social media and (my) bad neighbor situation and so much more. She is always calm and level headed compared to my let’s go to war attitude. So when I was thinking of women I wanted to hear from during this quarantine she popped into my head instantly. As a small business owner ( she owns Shelley Bennett Skincare in Monterey, CA ), wife, and Mom, I was interested to hear her thoughts on the current situation and I wanted to share them all with you.

My readers who I hope can find some inspiration and a sense of connection through her words. Over the next few weeks, I will share the stories, fears, words, and inspiration of other women I know and I hope they help you feel a little less alone in the world right now.

Quarantine Conversations with Shelley Bennett

The world is on a time out. 
We are living in an unprecedented, unfamiliar time and yet I lean in with cautious optimism.  I am continuing to talk to my two young teenage daughters in a way that promotes strength, courage, kindness, and happiness so that they can empathize with how every human reacts uniquely to all things.  I never want my daughters to feel like they can’t find some way to feel better and suggest those ways to others.

As a family, with the news of schools closing for the rest of the academic year, we cried and swirled in the gut-punch until we felt the pain lift just a bit. Then we made a joke, someone tooted and we started reminiscing and reminding each other of how much fun is yet to come!  Togetherness has been making us stronger.  Even though my daughters are teenagers, they still “follow my and my husband’s lead”. They need us to guide them and assure them and to validate them. Always.
We’ve been having so much tech-free time and playing board games. We have an M-F schedule that consists of hygiene, school assignments, small breaks to walk our mini dachshund Penny, lunch and exercise.  We start later and end later but that’s ok, we have a schedule. How cool that our childrens’ children will read and learn about this time in their history books! (I pray people are reading actual books in the future.🙏🏻)

Shelley is has a positive outlook on the future of the skincare world and business once this is all over.

The skincare industry is one of great importance in a tech-FULL world, to be able to be comfortable with disconnecting totally is a true pleasure, a gift to be had and cherished.
All while getting some maintenance done on your face, neck, décolletage. I know my line of work (facial services) is going to be more sought after than ever, once this time out is lifted.  Right now all humans shoulders are heavy.  There’s nothing in the world quite like human touch and interaction and we’ll be there again, it’s coming……

Shelley Bennett is a local Monterey Esthetician at Shelley Bennett Skincare studio. You can find her Instagram and shop her amazing products online. I LOVE the tinted lip balm and pumpkin exfoliating mask!

What did you like most about what Shelley Bennett had to share? Let me know in a comment below!