How To Prevent Breakouts After A Facial

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How to Prevent Breakouts after a facial

Earlier this week I had a pro facial and posted about it on Instastories.  A super sweet reader asked how I prevent breakouts after a facial.  Here are my three tips for preventing breakouts.

  1.  Right after the facial, I use these MAKERAIDE Spotted Anti-Blemish patches.  I wear them from the time I get the facial to the next morning.  I use them directly on the spots that I have had extractions on.  The Salicylic Acid, Volcanic Ash and Tea Tree Oil help with inflammation (redness) and fighting the breakout.  They go on clear and are so light you forget you have them on!
  2. Ice, Ice, Baby… the next morning and for about three days after I ice my skin.  Either I dunk my face a few times into a bowl of ice water or I grab an ice cube and roll it over my face until it melts.  Just be sure to keep it moving so you don’t frostbite or freeze your skin.  The ice helps cut back on inflammation and is great at killing bacteria.
  3. Super exfoliate.  On day three I shave my face!  I know this sounds weird but it is the BEST way to give yourself a deep exfoliation. This Harry’s Winston razor is my favorite.  The five blades help really get a close exfoliation.  Keeping the skin exfoliated beats back breakouts by preventing dead skin and debris from building up.  Plus, if you have that peach fuzz that always keeps your makeup from setting up, a deep exfoliation will make a huge difference. An added bonus to face shaving is the glow that comes from exfoliation.  Yep, it helps keep that facial glow going longer. Trust me!  Give this a try and you will be hooked.

So that is it!  My three simple tips to prevent breaking out after a facial!

Do you have an awesome skin care tip or question?  Share it with us below in the comment section.


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  1. April 20, 2017 / 11:27 am

    Thanks! Those patches look so cool. What do you use to shave your face with… like a man’s shaving cream…?

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