Plated… a review

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After my kitchen remodel a few months back, I have actively tried to become a better cook.  I feel semi-successful at my goal.  I saw an ad one day on Facebook for Plated and thought it would be perfect for me.  A quick visit to their website and I had everything I needed to make 6 gourmet meals.  Each week they release a menu with several diet options (vegan, veg, paleo.)  Pick a few, choose a delivery date and sit back and wait.  My first try semi ended in ok-ness.
Baked gnocchi with field greens and champagne vinegarette
Every thing you need to make a meal comes pre-measured and ready to cook.  I either threw away the instructions or they weren’t in my box.  Luckily there is a pdf version saved in my plated history.  

It was ok.  I just was not a big fan of the sauce but I loved the salad dressing.

My next try was much better.  

Italian Roasted Steak with Grilled Treviso Salad

Again everything needed arrives perfectly and simply packaged; just ready to start cooking!

I hate chopping herbs.

The hardest part was chopping up all the herbs.  I think they were supposed to be smaller.  Note to self… next time just use the food chopper thing.

Time to marinate.

This treviso lettuce was BITTER!!!  And grilling it was weird but I actually liked it.  

Grill time.

The steak was delicious… the salad was unique… the experience was AWESOME.  I love plated and can’t wait to try it again next week.  I have never had this much fun cooking.


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