NYE 2014 At The Hotel Corinthia

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I was cold.  I hadn’t felt hot water since I checked out of my cute hotel in Oxford and into student housing and heating wasn’t very common at my house in Oxford either.  I was tired and homesick.  So I decided to treat myself to a little luxury.  Enter the Hotel Corinthia… The BEST place to stay if you are in London.  I had a junior suite and it was perfect.  My only regret was not getting up in time for a trip to the spa.  

Entry hall to my room. That is 

the closet there at the end.

The main room.  A super comfy king sized bed.  A breakfast nook and a lounge area.
Just right for just me or for a couple.

The trip also gave me a new obsession… NESPRESSO! I promptly bought one on my USA return.  Read about it here.

Heated Floors!!!! After no heater these were a dream.

I watched the NYE after party here in the bath, both on TV and from my window that over looked the street party.
After the fireworks I had a tough choice to warm up in the tub or the amazing rainfall shower.


I have to stop and say how truly amazing the staff at Hotel Corinthia London was.  Especially the housekeeping staff.  I was cold and homesick when I arrived and left happy and full of amazement.  All of the staff were friendly and funny.  I didn’t expect this at all.  There was no request I had that was met with a no.  I left a note for the housekeeping staff about how wonderful they all were and how bummed I was when I arrived but how I left feeling great.  On my return trip 3 weeks later, the housekeeper remembered me!!! And told me they all loved my note.  She even brought me an extra piece of chocolate! I wish I could remember her name, she was from Poland and was so awesome.   She must have had a million things to do but she chatted with me for a good 15 minutes on things to do on my upcoming free day and later this year when I plan on returning with my husband.  

A little NYE turn down treat.

The festivities outside my window.   Getting ready for some fireworks.  In a few hours I wouldn’t even be able to step on to the street it would be so crowded.  
I took a walk around before going back for dinner and then the fireworks.  Not very crowded yet.  An hour later I wasn’t able to make it back to this spot.  

This kit had everything you needed to participate in the fun.  Candies that matched the scented smoke and fireworks fruit theme. A flashing wristband and info all about the show.  So fun.

Chips, Caesar salad, fruit plate and a poached pear.  YUM!

I don’t like runny eggs.  

A little poached pear dessert before I head out to the fireworks. 

View from my secret balcony.  I wish it was higher.  

Hotel Corinthia had a little balcony that I was able to watch the fireworks from.  A great little bonus since it was CROWDED and raining.

London did not disappoint in the fireworks display.  Scented smoke and candies to match the colors of the fireworks.  Great music and an unbelievable atmosphere.  Plus the people were all so happy and festive.  I loved it.  

Back at the train station ready to head back to Oxford.


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