Nespresso Pixie and Areoccino

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I discovered the Nespresso system in London and have been hooked ever since.  I couldn’t find the exact same model as the one I had in London.  A quick trip to Bloomindale’s was the best solution in deciding on an alternative machine.  After an hour of taste testing and demoing every machine there I went with the Pixie Electric Titan Bundle package.

The Pixie is the smallest and easy to use of the line.  Simply pop the coffee capsule of your choice in the door, fill the water container and push on.  Really it can’t get any easier.  I like the Titan color since it was a stainless steel look without the need to polish.  Clean up consists f

I LOVE the areoccino.  It is simply the easiest way to make foamed milk.  Again just decide on your choice of milk (I use almond or whole milk) and if you would preferred foamed or just warmed; push the on button and you are ready to go!  Clean up is just as easy rinse and dry.

The only bummer is that you have to buy only Nespresso coffee.  They do make it easy with online ordering and the Nespresso club.  Another requirement is 50 capsules per order, with each capsule running .70.  Shipping is a quick 2 days and a flat $6.95.  A big plus is the ability to order in the Club App.

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