Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brands

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Sustainable Fashion Brands

Back at our sustainability chat with my favorite luxury sustainable fashion brands.

What Does Sustainable Mean?

Different things for different brands and people for me it means they don’t harm the oceans and have the smallest impact on the environment possible.  So using things like deadstock– materials that other fashion houses throw out or burn.  Using dye techniques that don’t cause pollution or end up in our oceans.  Denim is a HUGE pull on the environment from dying processes to the amount of water a single pair of jeans takes to make–2000 gallons!!!

Christy Dawn makes gorgeous almost one-of-a-kind pieces–dresses, jumpers, shoes, boots, denim– from deadstock materials.  They are created, manufactured, and sold exclusively out of their LA workshop + boutiques.  That means AMERICAN MADE.  Super hard to find these days.  For me the tiny carbon footprint it takes to get to me makes me feel better.

Reformation super-classic pieces that are a little more affordable.  I love their dresses, swimsuits, and denim.  Again, American-made in Los Angelos, they offer tours to prove their sustainability and fair working conditions!  They promote recycling, green energy, and so much more.

Vitamin A Swim creates super cute swimwear and resort wear with 95% of their products including raw materials are made in Southern California!  Their packaging is recycled and their facilities are all green.  Plus, they put their money into Ocean charities and causes.  They even offer swimsuits made from recycled plastics!

Boyish Jeans manufactures denim and has cut the amount of water needed to 1/3 of the standard AND they recycle all of the water they use.  They pride themselves in keeping to a zero-waste goal.  Plus, only use supplies that are sourced within a 30-mile radius and designed right in Los Angelos.  20% of their materials are sourced from dead stock.

There are a ton of other sustainable fashion brands out there.  Just do a bit of research and you will find ones that fit your vibe and style.  These four I wear regularly and have never found a single issue with quality or customer service!

What is your favorite luxury sustainable fashion brand?

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