The Perfect Lip…

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The Perfect Fall Lip

The Perfect Fall Lip #MarlondaCurrie #YSLBEAUTY

The Perfect Fall Lip #MarlondaCurrie #YSLBEAUTY

The Perfect Fall Lip #MarlondaCurrie #YSLBEAUTY

The Perfect Fall Lip #MarlondaCurrie #YSLBEAUTY

The Perfect Fall Lip #MarlondaCurrie #YSLBEAUTY

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Sorry, I have been MIA!  My husband and I both got sick and it has been tough just getting out of bed.  But, I am back in action and I am so excited to share some new things going on at HBG so follow along on Snapchat (HauteBeautyBlog) or Instagram @doranpoma for first looks and sneak peeks.

A strong lip is everywhere this fall.  I love it!  Burgundy is my favorite color and I have tried dozens of lip shades in the hunt for the perfect one over the last month.  In my trials, I realized how difficult it is to get the lip color on/off and how rough the pigment can be on my lips.  I came up with the easiest way to apply and remove my favorite dark shades.

Every morning after I brush my teeth I use this Marlonda Currie lip scrub.  I prefer the peppermint one because it smells and tastes like a peppermint cupcake.  (Just FYI…I plan on grabbing the lemon one next.) I like to scrub my lips right before the shower so I can just rinse it off.  Plus, I think it helps to let the scrub sit for a minute or two so the oils condition my lips a bit more.

When I get out of the shower I apply a dab of the hydrator while I finish my skincare and makeup.  Right before I apply my lipstick I rub off any extra so the shade stays put all day.  The other day I discovered the YSL Beauty Vinyl lip color in Burgundy #409.  Be prepared I will probably wear this all season long.  I apply it without a lip liner and let is sit for a few minutes.   The texture drys somewhere between a matte and a gloss.  It feels like a matte, non-sticky texture but it has a super high shine look.  Overall, I really like it.

Right before I leave I clean up the line/shape with the YSL Beauty Touche Eclat .  I keep two of these in my vanity one for lip touch ups and one for highlighting my face.  I learned the hard way after I had red lipstick all over my face! ? ? ?

That is it.  Super easy.

Have you ever tried a lip scrub?  What scent/flavor is your favorite?

*I received these products as press samples and chose to review them with my own opinions.



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