Packing For The Hospital What’s In My Delivery Bag

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mypacking my hospital bag

packing my hospital bag

packing my hospital bag

packing my hospital bag

packing my hospital bag

packing my hospital bag

packing my hospital bag

Preparing For Baby–What is in my hospital/delivery bag

A reader asked the other day if I plan on bringing a lot to the hospital with me in my delivery bag.  I don’t feel the need to go overboard and I hate packing/unpacking things.  Think of it as a short weekend trip and pack like you would for that.  I won’t be going to dinner or doing much but I know there will be a lot of visitors so I want to look like I’m not at death’s door!

Here is the list of what is in my bag:


  • 2-3 nightgowns that are easy to nurse in but you won’t mind throwing away in case anything happens to them.  I found these at Macy’s.
  • A warm robe that you can walk the halls in and still nurse.  I chose this one from Macy’s; it totally looks like something my grandma would wear and yet I love it.  The robe is super cozy and makes it so easy to keep on.
  • 2-3 pairs of socks— I found these for delivery and I thought they were so cute.
  • Slippers to walk the halls and flip-flops for showers.  I don’t like to put my bare feet anywhere near where other people have put theirs.  I know I am weird.
  • 8-10 pairs of granny panties you don’t mind throwing away.  I ordered these from Amazon.
  • Nursing Bra- I packed my two Coobie bras.  They don’t have an underwire and are super comfy.
  • Nursing pads and nipple cream  I went with these washable nursing pads.  My lactation consultant recommended the disposable ones to help prevent infection and bacteria or yeast buildup.     This nipple cream has a huge cult following in the UK and so many readers from there recommended it to me so I ordered it.
  • Going home outfit for you and baby.  I went with my favorite pair of leggings and a light sweater.
  • I am bringing this cute delivery gown and matching pillowcase.  It is my one splurge.

Cosmetics In My Delivery Bag

  • shampoo/conditioner– I packed a sample sachet of the Oribe gold that I got in the Cos Bar order.
  • lotion– again I just packed a sample of a Ritual body lotion I got in the advent calendar last year.
  • lip balm— I chew my lips when I am nervous so I know I will need this one!
  • face wipes, moisturizer, face mist, mascara, cc cream, and tinted lip balm
  • a hairbrush, dry shampoo, hair ties and clips
  • toothbrush/paste


  • phone charger, camera charger, laptop charger

As I said, I choose to pack my delivery bag a bit light but I see all kinds of lists on Pinterest that recommend 4 suitcases full of things!  My diaper bag is also packed and I will post it next week.

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