Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne… a review

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So my love and obsession with Jo Malone continues.  I couldn’t help myself the other day when late night interenet browsing.  The new and limited Black Cedar Wood & Juniper Cologne just had to be mine.  When it arrived it came with a few of my favorite samples!  Receiving a delivery from Jo Malone always feels like a gift.  With the signature black boxes and then the beautifully tied bow and white box that contains the actually item.  (don’t worry I recycle and reuse these for all sorts of things)  The item itself is beautifully crafted and I must say addicting.  
The first day I wore this I was stopped twice and asked what I was wearing. The scent is so unique.  I love juniper and this does not disappoint.  My absolute FAVORITE  Jo Malone creation so far; I will be sad when it runs out.  I just wish they did a home line in the scent; just think, candles and body cream would be amazing.

Have you ever tried Jo Malone?  Which is your favorite?  Shop here. 


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