Jewelry Change Up with Rocksbox

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RocksBox review (code doranpomaxoxo for a FREE month )







I am headed to Atlanta for Create & Cultivate soon and each day will come with a different event that I want to look my best for.  Rocksbox is perfect when you just don’t have a big accessories collection or need a piece for an event.  It is basically a giant jewelry catalog that you can “borrow” pieces from.  The cost is $19 a month and you have the option to buy out the pieces that you fall in love with.  A stylist helps pick 3 pieces for you in every box.  You can return the box and replenish it as many times as you want in a month.  I knew I had several dressy events that I need pieces for so I wrote a note to my stylist and wish-listed some ideas of things I like.

This pink Perry Street Jacqueline Stone Necklace is totally my style and my color.  It was a hit.

These Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Turquoise were a miss for me.  The color just isn’t something I would wear and I am not really into BIG earrings.

This pair of dainty Kendra Scott Stacey Earrings in Rose Gold is totally my style and I ended up buying them I liked them that much!

Overall, Rocksbox works well for me.  The price is totally doable and the curation was almost perfect.

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