Jan Marini Regeneration Booster

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The technology and results that are packed into this little bottle are amazing.  This was my first time trying this product and I was shocked at how fast and strong it worked.  JMSR provided a ton of case studies and picture results, but I honestly didn’t believe them.   But, after trying Regeneration Booster out for myself I am happy to say it’s the real deal.

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I started Regen Booster about 3 weeks ago and have another 3 weeks to go.  It was easy to incorporate into the Jan Marini Skin Care Management set and my general skin care routine.  Results appeared about two weeks from the day I started and increased with time.  My skin appears brighter, smoother and super even toned.

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The packaging was super easy to use- it’s an airless pump and it kept the product protected from the air and light so it never lost efficacy.  Like all JMSR products a little goes a long way… think 2 pumps for the entire face and neck.  I like to use it right after my cleanser when my skin was still a little damp and then massage in thoroughly; follow it up with your anti-aging products and moisturizers.

I was really shocked by the results.  I always thought I had pretty even toned skin with minimal sun damage.  But, after two weeks of the booster I realized how much more my skin can improve!  My skin looked liI plan on getting a peel in a few weeks and restarting the booster a few weeks after that to maximize the results.

Booster is set to be a six-week treatment.  I am interested to see if the results are long lasting or if they go away shortly after use.


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Leave a note in the comment section if you have ever tried booster… I would love to hear your results.  Want more info?  Check out Regeneration Booster and Jan Marini now.  Use referral code: 093623 for a small discount or free shipping


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