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Sonage FRIOZ ICY GLOBES FACIAL MASSAGER reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

Last week I popped down to Los Angeles to visit the Sonage Skincare Studio in Santa Monica, California. Our family loves Santa Monica so it wasn’t a big twist of the arm to get us to drive the 5 hours. If you saw my newsletter last week I shared my road trip tips for the drive. Sonage piqued my interest because it started as a pro/spa brand and I’ve heard of them before but now they are moving into the consumer space. I was really excited to learn more.

Sonage Skincare Favorites

Sonage is really known for its masks and moisturizers but during the shutdowns, they pivoted to creating at-home spa experiences. At the event, they had a mask customization bar! It was really fun. They had a hydrating mask base and then we got to pick a scent and color both had therapeutic benefits. I went with woodsy and green. It was great for brightening dull skin.

At the event, we were introduced to the new FRIOZ ICY GLOBES mini FACIAL MASSAGER tools. It was great learning a self-massage using the chilled globes. The icy globes are great for depuffing, lymph massage, cooling inflamed skin, and destressing pressure points. These were awesome and I ended up buying a few for friends. Such a great gift for skincare lovers. They are made of glass so I recommend keeping them in the fridge NOT the freezer or just popping them in a bowl of ice for a few minutes. The small size and shape made them ideal for around the eye area.

Sonage FRIOZ ICY GLOBES FACIAL MASSAGER reviewed by top CA beauty blogger, Haute Beauty Guide

The Sonage Hydrating Mist is great for dry skin. I use in the morning and night with bamboo rounds to really saturate my skin before all my other skincare goes on. The spray is kind of strong so I don’t like it as much to reset makeup. Elderflower Extract helps revitalize the skin and serves as a powerful anti-oxidant. Rosewater and Allantoin help hold moisture to the skin. Aloe soothes the skin. Gluten-Free, Vegan, and alcohol-free.

VITALITY NOURISHING FACIAL OIL is a great everyday face oil or massage oil. The texture isn’t greasy and it absorbs really well. I recommend a few drops into the hands to warm the oil then pressing it into the skin, neck, and upper chest. Made of ten different oils to help promote healthy and happy skin. Argan and Marula oil protect from free radical and gives an instant glow to the skin.