Introducing Inkey List And My Favorite Skincare + Haircare

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Inkey List is an amazing skincare line that I use on the regular. I like their super ability to layer and customize plus the price point is better than anything else out there. I first found Inkey List on an esthetician group; tons of other esties raved about the brand so I knew I need to give it a go. When IL reached out for me to try more SKUs I said yes instantly.

The online recipe builder is brilliant. I filled it out and was so excited that it “got” me. Every piece of skincare the Inkey List builder recommended is something I would buy for myself! If you are not sure where to start by trying out the recipe builder.

Their packaging makes things really easy with tips on how to use the product, where it should sit in your skincare routine, and general skincare tips. For skincare, all the products have a white base with black writing. For haircare, the packaging is black with white writing.

Inkey List Hair Care Favorites

Shea Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment

Hyaluronic Acid Hair Treatment

Salicylic Acid Scalp Treatment

Amino Acid Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment

Inkey List Skin Care Favorites

Oat Cleansing Balm (great for any skin type takes SPF and makeup right off–Use as a 1st cleanse at night)

Hyaluronic Acid (great for all skin; use after Vitamin C before any thick serums or creams.)

Caffeine Eye Treatment (great for puffy eyes)


Madecassoside Mask (AMAZING for sensitive skin)

Peptide Moisturizer (Obsessed with this one for morning and night)