How to Rehab Your Lashes After Extensions

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Lashes After Extensions:

Back in 2008, no one knew what lash extensions were!  I had to beg friends to come in and let me practice on them.  I signed with Novalash that same year and became one of the first lash extensionists in California.  The only one in Monterey for YEARS!  I love lash extensions, lashes, mascara, and fake lashes.  It is pretty much my specialty in the skin care business.

Lash extensions if done properly DO NOT ruin lashes.  I repeat….  BUT, over the last eleven years, every horror story imaginable has passed through my shop asking me to help them out.  9 times out of 10 the client’s only option is to rehab their lashes and come back in three months.  Not what they want to hear.  But, with my five-step plan, almost all have been able to rehab their lashes after a bad extension job and move into some great lashes.

What you need to rehab your lashes after extensions:

  • A great eye cream.  For daytime, I like this eye cream from Avya.  For the night I like this one from The Organic Pharmacy.
  • A lash conditioning serum.  I like this one from lash food or this one from Vegamour or this one from Grande Lash. NOTE:  These don’t work for every client.  It is a trial system until you find the one that works for you.  I have tried EVERY serum on the market.  From the uber-cheap to the uber-expensive to just plain castor oil.  Lash Food and Grande work the best for me.
  • Lash Primer The only one I have ever used is this one from Dior.
  • Your favorite mascara.  I am hooked on this Chantecaille beauty mascara.
  • Hair and Nails vitamins.  I like this one from Hum Nutrition.


Great eye cream is going to make your eyes pop naturally.  The Avya one is super illuminating and leaves a great dewy finish perfect for brightening the eyes.  The Organic Pharmacy eye cream is rich and nourishing and really helps with hydration issues.

Lash conditioner is the real star in the protocol.  Finding one that works for you is important.  If it itches or dries out the skin stop using it.  Healthier lashes won’t matter if your skin looks like crap.

Lash primer will help give the appearance of thicker and longer lashes.  It kinda gives you the boost you need to go through the awkward phase of stubby lashes!

Mascara completes the appearance of thicker and longer lashes.

Some of my favorite mascaras.


Start by keeping your eye area clean every night.  I like the Versed Cleansing balm  (use code DORANPOMA10 for 10% off) or the Sonya Dakar eye cleanser.  It is really important to keep the follicles clean to keep lash mites and build-up from accumulating so that the lashes have a healthy environment to grow.

Every night I use the lash conditioner and for the first two weeks, I even use a small amount during the day.  Only apply it to the top lashes it will stimulate the bottom lashes when you blink/close your eyes.  After two weeks I only use it at night.  After a month my lashes get pretty long and I go to using the conditioner every other day.

On days I go out.  I use the lash primer and mascara.  If I don’t go out I use nothing.  It just gives the lashes a little break from removal and buildup.

Super simple!  After three months your lashes should be back to normal and ready for a new set.  This time research the artist and I recommend finding a Novalash artist in your area.

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