How to Layer Skin Care Products

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Knowing how to layer skin care products can be tricky when you first start a new routine or are moving from just soap and water to a grown-up routine.  Here are my top five tips!

How to Layer Skin Care Products featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

How to Layer Skin Care Products:

  1. Start with the basics and then add in new pieces slowly.  A cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and SPF are a great place to start.
  2. Apply in order of weight.  That means the lightest water based items go on before heavy oil-based creams.  As a general rule VITAMIN C serums ALWAYS go first.  The molecular structure of Vitamin C is small compared to most other skincare products.  That means it won’t be able to break through a heavy cream or serum.  After Vitamin C I do all other water-based serums and then move on to heavier serums, eye creams, face oils and then moisturizers.
  3. Serums are ok to mix then apply.  A lot of times to save time both at the spa in facials and in my homecare I mix like items.  I apply vitamin c and then mix all of my super light serums i.e. hydrating serum, total strength serum and apply at once.
  4. Do Not start several serums at one time.  Start with one new product at a time so you can determine sensitivities.  Also, a lot of newer products are stronger than before and that comes with an acclimation period.  This is a 2-4 week period where you might break out, get flaky, or redness.  It might go away or it could be that the product isn’t right for your skin.  A general rule I use on my skin is that if it itches I throw it out right away.
  5. Don’t stress over it.  Ultimately if you keep the lighter items first and the heavier second you will be just fine.  If you get confused it is also easy to just do one or two serums in the morning and one or two different ones at night.


How to Layer Skin Care Products featured by top US beauty blog Haute Beauty Guide

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